Seeing Clear Possible
For Everyone

Bridging the Visual Divide
Moving to Action

Substantially increase investment in providing eyeglasses to improve educational outcomes, increase productivity and stimulate the global economy.

Correcting people’s vision with eyeglasses advances socioeconomic development. Vision correction for children, for example, has been proven to lead to better test scores and

improved academic performance in primary school for those affected,1 thereby increasing the chance of having a better educated populace. For adults, correcting vision represents an even more immediate economic return by supporting increased productivity of the working poor. This also allows adults to remain in the workforce for a longer period of time and can help overcome illiteracy.

Sustainability and personalisation are the top two trends that eyewear customers are responding

Every day We use our Eyeglasses & Lenses to learn, Work, and become better through our clear vision of the world.
Our responsibility starting with a clear vision for everything, and to make people in our community have a possible to seeing better, We at Sictor acknowledge how much is cost to lost your pair of lenses, So are here to explain more details about our business model and how would impact in the main sustainable development goals for Egypt.

Eyeglasses increase productivity, sustain income earning potential, improve learning, and make each one drive staying safe on the roads and in their homes. With eyeglasses, everyone can see well and do well.

The ability to see clearly is simply a necessity to live and work safely and productively. It’s just that simple,

Enhance Learning
& Education Outcomes
Eyeglasses is a part works   greatly increasing the student’s ability to succeed in school. Eyeglasses change and improve  learning outcomes equivalent to an additional third and up to a full year of study.
Unleash Increadible
Social and Economic Gains
If you don’t wear glasses, just imagine your company or community if 80% of people who need glasses didn’t have them. Now imagine whole industries, states and nation this way.
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Drivers to See Clearly & Avoid Risks
Eyeglasses for Drivers reduce fatal traffic accidents, which makes it possible for drivers to see clearly and avoid risks. eyeglasses make roads safer, as 60% of traffic accidents can be attributed to poor eyesight.